Guide To Selling Your Home

Marketing a home has two essential components, Effective Pricing & Buyer Attraction. Both are equally important components to this process. Both need professional knowledge of the local real estate market and detailed attention.

Effectively pricing a home is a critical component of the success of a property making it to the closing table. If a home is overpriced, buyers will simply overlook the home and view more affordable homes that meet their criteria. If a home is priced too low, a seller loses valuable equity. It is important to choose an agent that is experienced in your area so that your home is listed at a price that is competitive within the local market.

Our real estate agents have extensive knowledge and education on how to effectively price your home. We analyze the current real estate market on the local level and determine housing trends that have an effect on your property. Active listings are analyzed to determine competition. Past sales are analyzed to determine market trends along with marketing times. The key to effectively pricing your home is to understand the market and place your home in a position that maximizes buyer attraction.

Buyer Attraction is the 2nd key component in selling a home. To maximize buyer attraction, your agent will walk through your home with you and offer suggestions to accentuate your homes features. This may include staging of furniture, removal of clutter and various other visual items that may need to be addressed. Many buyers cannot visualize a home in any other condition than the present condition. It is important to present a good visual of what the home looks like in its best shape without items that could detract from the home itself.

The National Association of Realtors reported that in 2009 nine out of every ten home buyers utilized the Internet to find a new home. An online presence is vital for producing buyer attraction to your home. At Asheville Real Estate Service, your listing is syndicated to every major real estate search engine on the Internet. No matter where a buyer visits to search for properties in your area, your home will be available for them to view. Your home will also be placed on the local MLS system for other agents to view and signage will be placed at your home.

When creating your listing for online presence, we use proven techniques to attract positive attention. Detailed listings result in more online views of your home, more agent views, and better quality leads. Buyers want to see photos of the home and want as many details as possible. Photos help buyers visualize a property and determine if they will tour the home. For this reason, it is necessary to include as many good quality photos and details about the home as possible. We place the maximum allowed number of photos on your listing and input as many details as possible. Our goal is to create a good representation of your home’s features and character. Not only does this give your listing a stronger web presence, it also helps ensure serious inquires about your property. Mapping systems and other secondary information such as school systems, local attractions, etc. are also linked to your listing to provide buyers with information about the local area.

Communication and feedback play a major role in all our services. This is why a majority of our past clients are repeat customers. Each time your listing is shown to a buyer or previewed by an agent, we follow-up with feedback. We stay in direct communication with our clients, keeping communication open with you while your home is on the market. Communication plays a key role in how we manage business. We want clients to feel that we can be reached for any reason at any time.