When Do You Need An Appraisal?

Year after year, thousands of people in Western North Carolina purchase, sell, or refinance their home. Almost all lenders want a local, licensed, independent appraiser to analyze these transactions to make sure properties are worth the monies being lent to borrowers. You might think that obtaining a mortgage is the only reason to acquire an appraisal, but there are other situations when the services of our appraisers could be beneficial. We work with clients that need to obtain the value of a property for various reasons, not just related to mortgage transactions. Our appraisers can provide values to assist with investment property decisions, settling an estate, as a marketing tool for selling a property, helping in negotiating when purchasing a property, when a homeowner is thinking about a home improvement project or addition, or any other situation when knowing the market value of a property could be beneficial. Our appraisers specialize in residential properties including single family, multifamily, townhome, and condominium housing along with vacant land appraisals. Give us a call to discuss how an appraisal can benefit your specific situation.